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the government's case is weak because the cops are doing their job in a tough environment. >> part of the job is that you can't sometimes put on a public relations persona when you're dealing with drug dealers and pimps and the scumbags that they have to deal with in this kind of an assignment. so, yes, these guys are -- are real officers dealing in very dangerous and volatile environments and they have to have a tough exterior. >> reporter: a second indictment accuses officer edmond robles, sergeant ian furminger and another officer not in court today of stealing marriage from evidence and telling informants to sell it and split the proceeds with them. the attorney questions the validity of the accusations. >> i know one of those informants attempted to extort one of these officers. i have grave concerns about the reliability and the credibility of the informants in that case. >> reporter: attorneys for a few of the officers insist the government's case is weak. they will not be making any deals. and they say they are confident the juries will find them not guilty. live in san francisco, lin
for both advertisers and the environment. more than 262 million pieces of direct mail are delivered by the u.s. postal service each day. and according to the epa, half of all advertising mail gets tossed in the trash. >> certainly marketers and fundraisers don't want to send a marketing offer fundraising offer to a consumer who doesn't want to receive that. >> reporter: the direct marketing association says consumers fed up with junk mail can opt out on the website the dma receives 10 to 15,000 requests each month and boone says opting out can make a big difference. >> at least an 80% reduction in marketing mail offers. you make sure that you line the mail up. >> reporter: but amy prefers paper karma a free app that helps you reduce junk. take a pictures. mail with the name and address and the app contacts the company for you. >> it will turn green and say it was a success. >> reporter: something that's finally beginning to give amy's shredder a rest. direct mail is big business. it brings in $16 billion a year for the u.s. postals service. amy says the app has helped
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2